Welcome to the world of The Pewterer, an e-magazine about pewter which I publish, and which is endorsed by the Worshipful Company of Pewterers.  The ezine is devoted to pewter, and supports the pewter trade.  The Worshipful Company fully supports both the trade and the metal, not least through its contribution to the Association of British Pewter Craftsmen and the European Pewter Union; but also through its highly-rated annual design competition, Pewter Live.

The current issue of The Pewterer is no. 10.1 (March 2019). You can click through to it from the bottom of the left hand menu bar (please choose Version 2). 

Please let me have not just your comments but also ideas for future articles at mailto: alan@thepewterer.org.uk. We have a wide range of articles this month, hopefully to suit all tastes: amongst other subjects, we’ve articles about pewter in: Brazil, Norway, Beaulieu and Lindfield exploring pewter wherever we find it!   I hope you enjoy reading this issue.

Pewter Live 2019 has already taken place at the Worshipful Company's Hall in the City of London (between the 21st and the 23rd May). You can find entries, winners and all sorts of information about the Competition at   https://www.pewterers.org.uk/pewter-live-2019
By the way, Pewter Live’s mission is:

    "to encourage innovation in design in order to exploit pewter to its fullest potential and produce ideas that will stretch the boundaries of this marvellous material.  The object is to bring pewter alive; to demonstrate an understanding of its inherent qualities and its appeal and relevance to contemporary consumers of all ages and tastes."

The Pewterer is now, to my continuing amazement, in its eleventh year.  I was looking back recently at the early volumes and was surprised at what a wide spread of interest the first articles in the first handful of ezines covered - articles on subjects as widely varied as:  a Pewter Glossary; Tales from Apprenticeship; the efforts to re-open the South Crofty tin mine; the story, so far, of the Grainger Candlestick; brands and branding; pewter pilgrim badges; The Decline of the Worshipful Company's Powers of Search', oh, and many others.  Do go back into these early volumes and browse through them.

I look forward to hearing your views and comments; and also any ideas for articles, even articles themselves. In the meantime we have a number of articles already lined up for the next issue of The Pewterer. These include articles on: more on St Dionys Backchurch; hidden pewter; pewter at The George Hotel, Stamford; pewter bar tops, and particularly, those in France!
Many thanks, enjoy The Pewterer and may I wish you a warm and sunny summer!
Alan Williams


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