Welcome to The Pewterer, an e-magazine devoted to pewter, in support of pewter and the pewter trade, published by Alan Williams and endorsed by the Worshipful Company of Pewterers. 

The Company fully supports the trade and the metal, not least through the Association of British Pewter Craftsmen and the European Pewter Union; but also through its highly-rated annual design competition, Pewter Live.

If you are interested in knowing more about this annual design competition, Pewter Live, do log into the Company’s site at http://www.pewterers.org.uk/ to look for more material about Pewter Live and on the Company’s support for the trade. Pewter Live 2018 will take place at the Company's Hall in the City of London between 23rd and 25th May; it will be open to the public on Wednesday 24th May from 1000 - 1200 and 1500 - 1700; and entry is free.  

Pewter Live’s mission is:

    "to encourage innovation in design in order to exploit pewter to its fullest potential and produce ideas that will stretch the boundaries of this marvellous material.  The object is     to bring pewter alive; to demonstrate an understanding of its inherent qualities and its appeal and relevance to contemporary consumers of all ages and tastes."

This year the Competition brief is:

"2018 marks the 30th anniversary of Pewter Live. In homage to this the Committee have set the challenge of producing an item, or range of items, that evoke a celebration, be it a wedding, christening, winning a competition or gaining a degree. The options are endless."

Pewter Live 2017 was another example of vibrant student design; and Pewter Live 2018 (http://www.pewterers.org.uk/pewter-live-2018), with its theme of 'celebration', promises to be as exciting and interesting as this year's Competition.

Please now return to the issue of the e-zine that you would like to see (the latest issue is 8.4, though issue 9.1 will be published shortly) and click-through, using the pictures, to the several articles; then let us have not just your comments but also ideas for future articles mailto:alan@thepewterer.org.uk.

I think that, with the informed help of Google Sites, I have started to tame the side-bar, so all issues of the ezine should now appear in their proper order. I have also found the time to recreate the first four volumes of the ezine, lost when Apple closed their @Me website facility.  These first four volumes contained some fascinating articles on subjects as widely varied as 'The Decline of the Worshipful Company's Powers of Search', a Pewter Glossary, Tales from Apprenticeship and many others.  Do go back into these early volumes and browse through them.

I look forward to hearing your views and comments; and also any ideas for articles, even articles themselves.

Many thanks, and enjoy The Pewterer!.

Alan Williams